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From Conception To Execution & Verification

ViduTech with its highly experienced team offers professional, tailor-made,
complete solutions for your company's unique development needs.

                          From the preliminary design phase to the final product verification,
                          we ensure that your missing piece in the puzzle will fit.
                                           The company has developed a vast portfolio of products for the security, medical,
                                           quality assurance, manufacturing, automation, traffic control and marketing
                                           industries. We are versatile and able to quickly provide solutions in nearly any field.
A Sampling Of Our Projects Includes:
Machine Learning
 Machine Learning
Advanced Driver Assistance System
Real time recognition of traffic signs from images taken in unconstrained light and weather conditions.
 Content Analysis
Embedded Advertising
Dynamic positioning and transparency control of commercial information over streaming movies based upon real time movement and scene features analysis.
 VMD & Blob Analysis
People Meter
People counter located inside a theatre. Accurate, light invariant counting of the viewers at each moment during the film.
 Image Segmentation
Automatic Segmentation Of Clothing
Segmentation and color recognition of fashion items from smart phone images with unconstrained background.
 3D Reconstruction
3D Facial Features Extractor
Fast and accurate extraction of facial features from a 3D model for a commercial eyeglasses adjustment and design application.
 3D Motion Capture
Medical Navigator
Real time, sub millimeter, 3D localization of multiple instruments used by a physician during a medical non invasive brain treatment.
Histopathological Analysis
Automatic detection, segmentation, enumeration,  classification and accurate measurement of cells and blood vessels in histology slides.
Automatic License Plate Recognition
Portable, on vehicle LPR system invariant to light, speed and weather conditions. Includes classification of cars brand and color. Detects multiple plates in an image with unconstrained changing background.
 Real Time Stitching
Under Vehicle Imager
High resolution, ultra fast, heavy duty under vehicle imager. Includes 3D features and history comparison for suspected objects detection.
 Optical Inspection
Q&A For Medical Equipment
Detection of physical defects and dirt in small medical tips used for a cosmetic skin treatment.
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